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Front Load

We provide Front Load Waste Bins which are suited to most industrial, commercial and retail sites. The bins are constructed from heavy duty steel or plastic and are available in a range of sizes from 0.6 to 4.5 cubic metre capacities. Service frequency is on a scheduled or phone-in collection basis.

It is important to note that these trucks require access that is no less than 3 metres wide and with a height clearance of 4.1 metres.

To make an enquiry about our Front Load Bins please email or click here.

FL Bin 1.5m1.5m3 (Metal)

FL Bin 3.0m

3.0m3 (Metal) 

FL Bin 4.5m

4.5m3 (Metal)

FL Bin 660L

660L (Plastic)

FL Bin 1100L1,100L (Plastic) 

2.5L Plastic Bin

1.5m3 (Plastic)

Commercial Wheelie Bins

Commercial collections are available on a scheduled basis from your location the Wheelie bins come in three sizes:

  • 80 Litre (small) – Fits approximately: 1.3 x 60L rubbish bags
  • 120 Litre (medium) – Fits approximately: 2 x 60L rubbish bags
  • 240 Litre (large) – Fits approximately: 4 x 60L rubbish bags

commercial wheelie bins

The following cannot be placed in wheelie bins:

  • Concrete
  • Stones
  • Steel
  • Oils
  • Hot ashes/liquids
  • Dead animals
  • Dirt/sand
  • Hazardous/flammable material
  • Any items that can't be compacted


To make an enquiry about our Wheelie Bins please email or click here.

Skip Bins

Heavy duty steel open-top skip bins are available in a range of sizes from 3 cubic metres to 9 cubic metres. Refer to the images below to see the scale of the bins.

These bins are ideal for building and construction waste, general waste, and green waste. Alternatively, the bins can be ordered for cleanfill or hardfill only.

It is important to note that our skip trucks require access that is no less than 3 metres wide and with a height clearance of 4.1 metres.

Skip bins are not suitable for hazardous items like asbestos, concrete, or tyres. We do offer special waste disposal for certain items so it is best to contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

Schedule your skip to be emptied on a regular basis, or call us on demand for collection.

Excess Weight charges may apply please see terms & conditions.

To make an enquiry about our Skip Bins please email or click here

nw skip 3m


Length: 3.3m

Width:  1.6m

Height: 0.6m

nw skip 4m


Length: 3.3m

Width:  1.6m

Height: 0.8m

nw skip 6m


Length: 3.3m

Width:  1.6m

Height: 1.3m

nw skip 9m


Length: 3.3m

Width:  1.6m

Height: 1.8

If these bins are not large enough for your needs, take a look at our Open Top Hook Bins below.

Open Top Hook Bins

Designed for the commercial, building and construction market, Northland Waste offers this bin for customers with a very high volume of waste. Bins range in size from 8 cubic metres to 30 cubic metres.

Please remember these trucks require driveway access that is no less than 3 metres wide and with a height clearance of 6.0 metres.

To make an enquiry about our Open Top Hook Bins please email or click here

IMG 2153

Molok Bins

As exclusive New Zealand agents for Molok, Northland Waste can supply numerous specialised Molok bins to suit every situation. Bin sizes range from 1.5 cubic metres to 5 cubic metres.

Moloks provide a unique solution where appearance counts and storage space is limited. From national parks, council parks and motor camps we can provide the ideal solution.

Molok’s deep vertical design allows for two thirds of the container to be positioned underground. This ingenious design innovation gives many more benefits for users than the traditional waste and recycling bin systems. Benefits include more capacity, longer emptying intervals, improved hygiene and space saving.

Watch the video below to see how the system works.

To make an enquiry about our Molok Bin please email or click here

m 4



Northland Waste is the largest recycler in the Northland Region and is dedicated to diverting as much material out of the waste stream as possible. To achieve this goal we offer a wide range of recycling services that complement our waste services provided to commercial customers. The following are just some of our recycling services:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Document destruction
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Shredded Paper
  • Batteries
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastics (No. 1-2)
  • Scrap metals
  • Tin cans
  • Aluminium cans

To make an enquiry about our Recycling Bins please email or click here

IMG 1323 B3 IMG 2165 IMG 2169
IMG 1336 IMG 1337 IMG 1338 IMG 1339 IMG 1340 IMG 1341


 Wood initiative 

DSC 0089DSC 0084

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable waste management, Northland Waste has developed an initiative called Re:fuel your wood.  This scheme aims to redirect wood waste from landfills to use as biofuels, and we’re looking for businesses in Northland who may currently have volumes of wood which is currently going with their Waste collections.

What is the Re:fuel?

Our goal is to target the large volume of clean wood waste which is currently ending up in landfills by offering a separate collection service. The wood will be used as a carbon neutral biofuel by local businesses working in partnership with us.

Interested? To find out how you can be part of the Re:fuel initiative, contact us today.

Asbestos secure bags

We offer a convenient solution suited to most small building and industrial needs. An easy to use secure lined bag from approximately 1 cube to 2.5 capacity for which we can provide disposal certification if required. Simply check with your local Branch on 0800499246 to confirm disposal process and requirements. Disposal and Certification fees additional to bag cost and available on application.

To make an enquiry about our Asbestos bags please email or click here.

Northland Waste Asbestos/Hazi Bags
Northland Waste Asbestos/Hazi Bags