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Proudly Northland owned and operated, we collect transport, treat, recycle, recover and dispose of residential waste from Puhoi to Cape Reinga.

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Wheelie Bins

In addition to servicing weekly kerbside collections of bags, Northland Waste also offer a household wheelie bin hire service. Our wheelie bins are friendly to the environment, mobile, clean, tidy and animal proof! 

Only need a Bin for the Holiday batch - for a short period - no problem talk to us we will offer a waste management solution.

Driveway too long - no problem check out the "Tow ya "a simple inexpensive solution enabling you to tow your short distances.

IMG 1225 towya 1 towya 2


Northland Waste discourages the use of refuse wheelie bins for green waste and household recyclables.(See recycling below) Please help us divert these materials from landfill and use alternative recycling services.  Council Bylaws also restrict the placement of recoverable material in refuse bins in some areas.

Wheelie bins come in three sizes:

  • 80 Litre (small) – suitable for a 1-2 person household. Fits approximately: 1.3 x 60L rubbish bags

  • 120 Litre (medium) – suitable for a 2-3 person household. Fits approximately: 2 x 60L rubbish bags

  • 240 Litre (large) – suitable for a 3 or more person household. Fits approximately: 4 x 60L rubbish bags


The following cannot be placed in wheelie bins:

  • Concrete/Stones
  • Steel/Wood
  • Oils
  • Hot ashes/liquids
  • Dead animals
  • Dirt/sand
  • Hazardous/flammable material
  • Any items that can't be compacted

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Skip Bins

Order a skip bin for the bigger waste management jobs like that weekend clean up or DIY project. 

Heavy duty steel open-top skip bins are available in a range of sizes from 3 to 9 cubic metre capacity.

IMG 2164 IMG 2162 IMG 2163 IMG 2168

These bins are ideal for building and construction waste, general waste and green waste. Alternatively, the bins can be ordered for cleanfill or hardfill only with some price discounts applicable at times.

Please remember these trucks require access that is no less than 3 metres wide and with a height clearance of 4.1 metres.

These skip bins are not suitable for hazardous items like asbestos, concrete or tyres. Please contact us directly for specialty disposal.

Excess Weight charges may apply please see terms & conditions.


nw skip 3m


Length: 3.3m

Width:  1.6m

Height: 0.6m

nw skip 4m


Length: 3.3m

Width:  1.6m

Height: 0.8m

nw skip 6m


Length: 3.3m

Width:  1.6m

Height: 1.3m

nw skip 9m


Length: 3.3m

Width:  1.6m

Height: 1.8m

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Recycling (green waste and recycling crates)

Green waste


Northland Waste provides garden waste bins to Warkworth, some surrounding areas and Kerikeri. Our garden waste bins are a 240L bin which is collected kerbside on the last Friday of each month. The garden waste that you place in these bins is transported to our local transfer station where it is mulched and used as compost or topsoil for soil rehabilitation and sediment control. The items that you can place in our green waste bins are specified below:


  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Weeds
  • Flowers
  • Small branches (up to 75mm in diameter and 750mm long)


  • Flax
  • Bamboo
  • Palm
  • Cabbage trees
  • Soil
  • Plant pots
  • Food scraps
  • Domestic or hazardous waste

By choosing to divert your green waste from landfill you are helping to preserve the landscape and environment that we all enjoy. As a forward thinking company Northland Waste prides itself on offering alternative waste management solutions to minimise waste production.

Our areas of service can be confirmed by simply clicking on "order here" below or entering your address in the designated box on our Home page.

Collection days may vary on or around a public holiday. Your green waste bin will be provided with a calendar on the lid and you will be emailed an electronic calendar with collection dates for your reference.

Worm Farm

Worm Bin Detail7By choosing to divert your oranic waste from landfill you are again helping to preserve the landscape and environment that we all enjoy. We are pleased to offer the Hungry Bin Worm farms as a great alternative to landfill.

Hungry bin is one of the most efficient ways to compost, and definitely one of the easiest compost systems to use. Because hungry bin does not smell or attract vermin, you can keep it in a convenient location where it suits you.

The unique design of the Hungry Bin creates an ideal living environment for compost worms. The worms convert organic waste into worm castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, both high-quality fertilisers. The liquid drains freely from the bin and into a tray placed below it. The tapered shape of the bin compresses the castings, encouraging the worms to move to the surface layer to access fresh food. Compressed castings are easier to handle and largely free of worms.

Worms not included.

Recycling Crates

FN KerbsideRecycle

Taking care of this beautiful region of ours drives Northland Waste’s focus on sustainable management practices. We’re turning waste back into valuable resources through advanced recovery, recycling and reuse and at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment. We supply recycling crates in Kaitaia. For other areas please contact your local council for more information.

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Kerbside Bags 

We pride ourselves as being the largest collector of prepaid refuse bags in the Northland Region. You can purchase our prepaid rubbish bags at your local supermarket or dairy. Visit our Collections Days page for the day we collect the bags in your area. For every bag you purchase a portion of the price will go to funding your local Hospice and Community.

Orange Bag 4

North Rodney District

Green Bag3

Kerikeri District

Yellow Bag3

 Kaitaia District

Blue Bag (Hibiscus Coast)

 Hibiscus Coast & Whangaparoa

 The following cannot be placed in bags

  • Concrete
  • Stones
  • Steel
  • Oils
  • Glass
  • Dead animals
  • Dirt/sand
  • Hazardous/flammable material
  • Any items that can't be compacted
  • Hot ashes/liquids