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Site Ownership/History

The Northland Regional Landfill (Puwera) is New Zealand’s newest landfill located 8.5km south of Whangarei.

In 2000 the Whangarei District Council completed the purchase of land and in 2003 obtained resource consents to build the modern engineered landfill facility.

In 2009 a private partnership between Council and Northland Waste Limited was formed. This involved the council selling the land and consents to the Northland Regional Landfill Limited Partnership (NRLLP) for which Northland Waste Limited and the Whangarei District Council are 50/50 partners. The formation of the partnership allows the facility to be run on a commercial basis utilising Northland Waste Limited’s landfill expertise and experience. The day to day operation of the landfill and construction is subcontracted to Quay Contracting Limited, a subsidiary of Northland Waste Limited.

Development of the site has ensured that the Northland region is not contingent upon Auckland based facilities owned by foreign interests and forced to pay higher costs associated with trucking of refuse out of the District. Furthermore the Partnership ensures that the refuse collections services offered by Northland Waste Limited remain price competitive in the market. The site is 84 hectares with the landfill footprint being well buffered by surrounding land. The site has sufficient volume to provide refuse disposal for the Northland Region for well in excess of the consented period of 35 years.

Pricing/Waste Acceptance

No public access will be provided to this site with the public continuing to use the transfer station located at Kioreroa road.

Pricing for bulk commercial refuse and special/hazardous loads is set on a case by case basis.

The site is able to accept some special waste types that have hazardous characteristics. This service provides significant cost saving to Northland businesses that have previously had to pay additional haulage costs to Auckland based facilities.

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Key Design Features

Puwera landfill has been designed to meet stringent criteria and includes the following key features:

  • Fully engineered stormwater diversion
  • A layered liner system with multiple redundancy to ensure the capture of landfill leachate
  • A full gas capture system to minimise production of greenhouse gases and with the potential to generate electricity
  • A fully engineered landfill capture and restoration plan

The Partnership has engaged a team of leading design engineers and technical specialists to ensure the facility is built and run to the highest standard.

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